Terms & Conditions

Antique Finish

  • Bold stain technique that affords an uneven, inconsistent look
  • Process involves applying an accent stain to entire door, drawer front or molding and wiping off residue resulting in an overall antique appeal
  • Dramatic tonal contrasts are created in the corners, grooves and wood grains


  • A curved embellishment on the top frame of the center panel of a cabinet door
  • Common arch types are Roman and Cathedral


  • Unique wood grain characteristics with smooth surface
  • Reddish hues are subtly enhanced over time
  • Rich and warm appeal for a refined, sophisticated look



  • Strong joint formed by fitting wood tightly within corresponding mortises


  • Contemporary, one-piece, slab-style door offering a smooth surface

Full-Access Cabinetry

  • Frameless, European-styled cabinets
  • Doors are attached directly to the sides of the cabinet
  • With no front frame, access to cabinet interior is completely unobstructed
  • Offers more usable interior space


  • Subtle finish technique used in addition to base finishes
  • Enhances door detail, color and tone
  • Enhances beauty of wood and base finish color when added to finish treatments



  • Characteristically straight-grained hardwood and wood veneers
  • Uniform surface offers clean aesthetic
  • Ideal for both modern and traditional rooms of the home


  • Door frame joint formed by fitting together two angled pieces to form a 45 degree angle

Mullion Door

  • Features glass inserts in place of the solid center panel
  • Inserts have both horizontal and vertical bars dividing the glass


  • Distinctive and attractive flame-shaped grain pattern
  • Strong wood grain and consistent characteristics

Raised Panel

  • Center panel of door is elevated flush with the door frame

Recessed Center Panel

  • Center panel of door is flat and set in from the surface of the door frame

Solid Wood Door

  • A door that offers a solid wood frame and center panel
  • Solid wood doors constructed from natural woods will have beautiful variations in color and grain pattern

Thermo foil

  • Sleek and stylish look
  • Highly durable for years of dependability
  • Consistent, easy to clean and an exceptional value
  • Impervious to most nonabrasive household cleansers
  • Resists scratches, cracks, stains, chips and dents

Toe Kick

  • Recessed cut-away at the bottom of base cabinets finished with matching material


  • A thin piece of wood that is attached with glue to a substrate
  • Veneers offer uniform finish and grain consistency
  • Veneered center panels help eliminate cracking and splitting by minimizing shrinking and expansion in dry and moist climates

Wood Grain

  • Visible pattern and texture that vary depending upon wood species

Wood Species

  • Different types of hardwoods or softwoods (i.e. Maple, Alder and Cherry)